Visiting millions of people every year, Borobudur Temple called UNESCO, is the grandest and largest monument and complex of stupa in the world.

Based on the Karangtengah inscription, it is estimated that Borobudur was built by King Samaratungga of the Syailendra Temple and it was only completed by his daughter, Ratu Pramudawardhani, in the 9th century around 800 AD.

Less known about anything else, including who is the architect of building, which is composed of 2 million blocks (55,000 m3) of andesite rock which are interlocking like a giant puzzle.

A Javanese legend tells of Gunadarma who lay looking at Borobudur Temple until he fell asleep and his body turned into the hills of Menoreh. Gunadarma was later considered to be the architect of Borobudur Temple even though there were no historic inscriptions about it.

Borobudur Temple contains 2672 relief panels which, if arranged in a row, reach 6 km in length.

The relief of Borobudur Temple is divided into 4 main stories, namely: Karmawibangga, Lalitawistara, Jataka / Awadana, and Gandawyuha. Aside from narrating the journey of Buddha’s life and teachings, the relief of Borobudur Temple also recorded the progress of Javanese society at that time.

To follow the story carved in Borobudur Temple, visitors must walk clockwise from the east door. After arriving at the starting point then go up to the next level. It was repeated until it reached the top of Borobudur Temple. This ritual is called Pradaksina.

Borobudur Temple is open every day from 6:00 to 17:00. The best time to visit Borobudur Temple is early in the morning, when the air is still fresh. If you join the Borobudur Sunrise package (IDR 350,000 / person), you can enter the temple starting at 4:30 through Manohara.

The price of admission for Borobudur Temple is IDR 50,000 for adults, and IDR 25,000 for children 3-10 years. There is a 50% discount for student groups, at least 20 people.

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Mount of Merapi

Lying on the southern slopes of the majestic Mount Merapi Volcano just at the outskirt of Yogyakarta, the Kaliurang highland resort radiates a special sense of serenity. A peaceful escape from the heat and commotion of city life, this is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and energized by the cool refreshing mountain breeze.

The little town has also grown into a favorite destination, not only for Yogyakartans, but also domestic and international tourists. Boasting lush green scenery and cool refreshing air, Kaliurang also has numerous fun attractions and wonderful places that offer a great experience for tourists of all ages. Ready to explore the wonders of Kaliurang? Well, here are some of the awesome places you can visit:

1 | Merapi Volcano Museum
2 | Merapi Park – The World’s Landmarks
3 | The Lost World Castle
4 | Klangon Hill
5 | Tlogo Putri

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Timang Beach

Those who ever visited Gunung Kidul Regency may have heard about Timang Beach. This beautiful tourist site these days is known among foreigners, as well. What is the reason? The crews of Korea’s Running Man ever came to this place along with their two famous comedians (Kwang Soo and So Min). The location is on a highland, so it takes some efforts to get there. Also, the route is both challenging and uneven. Even tourists need to use a jeep service in order to get to the location. For the information, the beach is located in Purwodadi Village and it belongs to Tepus Sub-District.

The Nuance
Unlike regular beaches with their sandy shoreline, Timang Beach doesn’t have any. Instead, tourists may find big coral reefs and cliffs in that area. Plus, the waves look fierce and big! The most noticeable feature perhaps is the presence of a cable car that connects to Timang Island. The capacity is only one person, so everyone should queue in order to reach the island by it. Actually, the locals have been using it to hunt lobsters and other sea creatures on the island. These days, though, the cable car also attracts tourists!

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Just below the clouds and perched on 450 meters above sea level on the hills of Menoreh is Kalibiru, the pioneer of viewing deck trends in Yogyakarta. Just a few minutes drive up Jalan Waduk Sermo from the airport, this heart-shaped viewing deck is perfect to look at the beautiful lush forests of Yogyakarta.

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Puncak Suroloyo (The Top of Suralaya Hill)

With a height of 1019 meters above sea level, Suroloyo Peak is the highest peak of Menoreh Mountains. The most unique thing about it is that we can telescope the Borobudur Temple as its surrounded by Mount Sindoro, Sumbing, Merbabu and Merapi.
10 Exciting Family-Friendly Experiences for Your Weekend in Bandung

The entrance ticket will only cost you Rp5,000 to see this wonderful view. The climb might be a bit challenging and adventurous but the stunning view you get to see makes it well worth it.
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Taman Sari Palace’s Water Castle

Tamansari Water Castle: A Place for Princesses to Bathe and be ‘Hunted’ by the Sultan

Located near the Kraton, this place was also known as the garden for the Sultan of Yogyakarta. Tamansari was originally built for multiple purposes yet now only several buildings remain. Some of its original functions were a place to rest, to meditate, to work, to hide and to defend the Sultan’s family. In this present day, some of its buildings have now become homes for local residents and only the mosque, resting and bathing space, and underground tunnels are accessible by tourists.

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Jalan Malioboro

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Home Destinations Java Want to Explore Yogyakarta? Learn these First SHOP TILL YOU DROP IN MALIOBORO

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Shop till You Drop in Malioboro

Malioboro is the most famous street in Yogyakarta. Located in the heart of the city, this is the main street and was once the ceremonial avenue for the Sultan to pass through on his way to and from the Keraton. Some say that the name Malioboro derives from the name of the British governor Marlborough from the era when Britain ruled the archipelago, between 1811-1816.
Malioboro is packed with shops selling curiosities, and street vendors offering souvenirs at affordable prices, so you’re bound to find something of interest in this street. If you’re after some batik to take home as a souvenir, then Malioboro is the right place for you. Batik can also be made into bags, table cloths, bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, and a whole lot more.

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Cirebon, West Java

Located near the border of West Java and Central Java, Cirebon became a cultural melting pot between Sundanese and Javanese. The influences of foreign cultures, such as Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and European, can also be seen in a number of its tourist attractions and handicrafts, from the architectural design on Sunyaragi Cave and its unique Batik patterns.

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Tangkuban Perahu

This epic volcano is located just north of Bandung, and it’s one of the most popular things to do in Java. Actually, Brad and I drove the whole way out there and didn’t realise it had erupted a couple of days before so was closed off to the public.

It wasn’t a tragic eruption, it just was pushing out poisonous gases. But we gotta talk to the control room guys who monitor the volcano and they gave us a little history lesson before we all took random pictures together!

But this is a unique volcano in that you can drive the whole way up to the mouth of the crater, basically you won’t need to hike to view this one.

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Ancol Riverside Kulon Progo With Pride

Tempat ini terletak di pinggiran sungai progo. Tepatnya bisa dintemukan di desa bernama Ancol . Adalah hulu selokan Mantraman.

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