A vacation in Indonesia gives tons of unforgettable experience to tourists. The country even has some special regions, including Yogyakarta City. People also call it Jogja. The location is in Java Island and it is known for numerous allures like culture, traditional foods, natural attractions, beaches, arts, and much more! No wonder, tourists are likely to spend more than one day there. They want to explore all the good places and learn more about the city. Not to mention they have the chance to meet friendly locals and watch some interesting traditions. What a great vacation destination!

The Nuance
Yogyakarta City is located in the south part of Java Island and it is neighboring to Center Java Province. It is also bordering to the Indian Ocean! The region is also known for its karst mountains, located in the south part of it (Gunungkidul Regency). When it comes to nuance, the region feels soothing and welcoming. Thanks to the nice local people and their friendliness. As for nature, the region has various types of landscapes. That means visitors can explore both natural attractions and downtown freely during the visit. The accommodation is reliable, as well.

Exploring Yogyakarta City
What about tourism? Well, Jogja or Yogyakarta consists of different tourist allures. For those who love culture, in this case, they must not miss the chance to drop by in Kraton Palace. That area even features a museum that stores numerous types of historical objects! One thing, tourists must come at the right time. As an alternative, they should head to the square or Alun-Alun at night for an amusing entertainment. Later, they can also drop by in the famous Malioboro area.

What is next? Well, the city is also known for its beautiful beaches. Some of them are Parangtritis, Parangkusumo, Baron, Depok, and much more! All of them offer a distinct nuance, as well, so tourists must not miss those places. The next recommended thing to do is to visit hilly areas and mountains. As for the best reference, there is Kaliurang! Tourists can even find many villas in that area. The atmosphere is refreshing and the air is excellent.

Culinary also becomes a reason why many tourists come to Jogja. The best one is indeed Gudeg! This sweet food makes tons of people addicted, in fact. As for the drink, tourists should try a unique beverage called Kopi Joss. The locals input a hot charcoal in a glass of coffee! This uniqueness makes the drink popular among tourists, without a doubt.

Nearby Attractions

  • Gembiraloka Zoo
  • Kampung Cyber
  • Kembang Market
  • Jogja National Museum


How to Get There
Tourists can use either a land or air transportation in order to reach Yogyakarta City. For those coming from Jakarta City, it is recommended to take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Yogyakarta right away. For the information, this flight may take around 1 hour and 10 minutes. Once tourists arrive at Adisucipto International Airport, they can explore the region right away. But first, everyone should find a good hotel for resting and spending the night. 

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