There are many places to find good thoughts and suggestions about how to travel safely within your own country or when traveling abroad.  Here are a few good resources that are available online.

Safety Tips and Resources provided by National Government Agencies

1.) A Safe Trip Abroad (US Dept of State) – This is a good resource no matter where you are from. 

2.) Travel Safety (NZ Govt) – A good list, especially for those on long-haul and adventure based travel.

3.) Travel Smart (OZ Govt) – Good high level safety, security and other travel preparation considerations.

Other Online Resources offering good travel safety suggestions

1.) General Travel Safety Tips – A good, easy to read travel safety/security guide.

2.) Tips for Safe Travel (Lonely Planet) – Good practical suggestions from the savvy folks at LP.

3.) Safe Student Travel ( – Some good tips for young travelers eager to get out and see the world. 

4.) How to avoid pickpockets (Self-defender Net) – Some good tips for avoiding those nasty pickpockets.

These are just some of the online resources that can be easily found and used to learn how to travel safely.  Additional information can be found in travel guidebooks and please make sure you investigate the safety situation of the country or area you intend to visit prior to travels. 

A note on travelling with cash in the USA

It is always best to avoid travelling with large sums of cash. Recent news reports (Sept 2014) in the Washington Post say that many states have procedures in place to seize cash from travellers driving through the US.

If you must travel with a lot of cash ($1,000+) in the United States, CBC News journalist Neil Macdonald suggests that if you’re pulled over, avoid having a long chat. Keep your responses brief but polite, and persistently ask if you’re free to go. If you are transporting a large sum of cash and are asked to consent to a voluntary search of your vehicle, say no.  See the CBC News article American Shakedown for further suggestions.

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