" We don't just list hotels and tours in your favorite city "

Travelinjava : the time to enjoy your travel painlessly. Smart, simple and easy ! Travelinjava : the time to enjoy and book your hotels painlessly. Smart, simple and easy ! We inventory hotels and provide tools to equiped you in choosing best hotel that suit to your case.

About the company

This genuine passion for enjoying the beautiful and exotic nature has inspired us to awaken our other social passions in sharing what we find with our friends, colleagues, team, family, community and acquaintances. TravelinJava company is currently owned by the company of Allokka Wonderfull International, our holding company.

Our vision

Helping everyone to achieve happiness in their life, especially when traveling and enjoy on the journey, helping everyone to broaden their horizons while undergoing certain moments of their free life activities to be able to experience new things and success.

Our mission

Providing convenient places when people need a place to stay, great destination to tour as well as providing all the tools that make it easier for everyone to reach them and enjoy their journey more freely and pain-free.

What our clients say

"The TravelinJava website provides all the conveniences when I book a hotel when I need a place to make my events a success."

Darlene Robertson

Customers in U.S.A

"It really helped me when I had to book a hotel when I was on my way to California. It was very easy and there weren't a lot of popups or complicated menus."

Mc Kinsey

Customers in U.S.A

"The tours here are run by people who are really experienced in packaging and presenting really quality tours."

Bellina Catherine

Customers in U.S.A

"The ready-to-book hotels on TravelinJava are amazing and always fit my needs. I don't know how they arrange it all so that my choice of hotel is always according to my wishes. And one more thing I did everything very easily without take up my time and my mind."

Kartika Subekti

Persada Karya Entertainment Inc.

Meet our team

Darlene Robertson

Founder & CEO

Jenny Wilson

Marketing Manager

Jerome Bell

Product Manager

Annette Black

UI/UX Designer

Eleanor Pena

Creative Director

Marvin McKinney

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Wilson

Project Manager

Darrell Steward

President of Sales

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