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When you join this program, you join a group of people who are passionate about making everyone, anywhere in the world, feel like they are getting refreshed in enjoying the flexibility of a traveling experience like discovering their own true place. They offer a dynamic and growing service and join an existing community of local partners in three countries.

Darlene Robertson

Host in Atlanta

Jenny Wilson

Host in Chiang Mai

Jerome Bell

Host in Atlanta

Annette Black

Host in Atlanta

Eleanor Pena

Host in Paraty

Marvin McKinney

Host in Atlanta

Annette Black

Host in Atlanta

Darrell Steward

Host in Atlanta

Frequently asked questions

Please go to your confirmation email or the confirmation page and click 'Request an invoice'. Complete the form and submit your request. If you don’t see the link, please go to the Help Centre for assistance. You'll get your invoice after check-out. This email will come from or a partner company.

If TravelinJava.charged you incorrectly: Please go to the Help Centre. We'll likely need a copy of your bank statement showing the incorrect charges as well as your booking confirmation number and PIN code. If the property charged you incorrectly: Please reach out to the property directly for help.

You’ll find your payment confirmation in your confirmation email. From the email there is also an option to download a payment confirmation PDF.

TravelinJava will charge your card for the total price of the booking when you book. If you are looking for more information about your payment, please check your confirmation email.

Sometimes, you are expected to pay taxes and charges upon arrival. If this is the case, the amount is stated before you book and in your confirmation email. If no amount is stated, you should not pay anything upon arrival. If the property requests money from you and you believe this is incorrect, please go to the Help Centre for further support.

You can add booking in your booking history on your dashboard

Your confirmation email will list if any meals are included or not included. Depending on the property it may be possible to add a meal plan upon arrival. Please contact the property directly 1-2 days before your stay to find out more.

Please go to the Help Centre. You'll likely need to send our Customer Service team a screenshot of the mismatched information and if you had to pay any extra fees, a receipt as proof of payment.