At TravelinJava, we want to help you discover the extraordinary in your experience. Traveling has brought about something truly meaningful and brought the best of life to us, enhanced existing businesses, and strengthened the communities we met along the way.

When we travel, our natural awareness is able to hypnotize life and bring us back to the understanding that the world is a welcoming place, that people are more generous than we might imagine, and that we will be sharing more in common with fellow travelers than not. .

We build a platform where strangers can help each other plan memorable trips and share their experiences by writing unique stories of their experiences, trips or writing reviews about their favorite places. We believe in the power of people sharing with others in the community and that sharing those experiences leads to the best advice for future travelers. And we know when we travel the way we want, it empowers us to unlock the good within ourselves and the world around us.

With Trust & Safety at TravelinJava, our mission is to create a safe and friendly environment by implementing strong Community Policies and meaningful standards.